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Personalized gifts

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City Specials

City Specials

Hyderabad city walks
  • Vochelle Almond 160 gram

    Vochelle Almond 160 gram

    You are looking for something healthy to send to India, the delicious Vochelle Almonds coated in Dairy Milk Chocolate is your ultimate option
  • Red roses bunch

    Red roses bunch

    Send red roses bunch to your family and friends …….
  • Life Style Gift Voucher

    Life Style Gift Voucher

    Life Style - Hyderabad Gift Cheque worth of 1,000/- the perfect solution when you canot decide what would best suit the person you are buying for.
  • Chocolate truffle  Cake

    Chocolate truffle Cake

    Chocolate Truffle Cake : 500gms
  • Doremon Cake

    Doremon Cake

    Send cake to your loving Kids thorough
  • Midnight Sweet Wishes

    Midnight Sweet Wishes

    Bunch of 10 red roses with 1/2 kg chocolate cake for your loved ones delivered at midnight
  • Hotwheels-Hot Wheels - Battle Force 5 - Buster Tank

    Hotwheels-Hot Wheels - Battle Force 5 - Buster Tank

    Transform or customize your color shifters vehicles on this palyset and launch them into action, set comes with a cool spray gun,
  • Corporate Wooden Pen Box

    Corporate Wooden Pen Box

    Your office desktop is as much a projection of who you are as are the clothes you wear. This exclusive wooden pen box with a stand showcases and enhances the elegance on your desktop
  • G. Pulla Reddy  Ajmeri Kalakand

    G. Pulla Reddy Ajmeri Kalakand

    Ajmeri Kalakand from G. Pulla Reddy Sweets is a popular sweet.
  • Assorted Sweet

    Assorted Sweet

    All the varieties of sweets. Select your sweet according to your mood & come our of routine. Weight : 1 Kg.
  • Smile Cake

    Smile Cake

    1Kg.cake in the shape of Smiley.
  • Fruits N Teddy Bear

    Fruits N Teddy Bear

    Hamper of 3kgd Fruits With Soft Teddy Bear
Conversations around #giftinghappiness

Dr. Jayesh Ranjan

Dr. Jayesh Ranjan – IAS Officer, VC & MD APIIC, believes that Gifting something to the loved ones involve a lot of planning each time we gift,to make the gift as well as the recipient very special. Gifts bridge the gaps in relationships and connect the hearts. Picking up gifts from various places one visits symbolize the culture of the place visited.



Dr. Shubha Dharmana

Cosmetic Dermatologist, Founder Le’Jeune medspa says, Gifts tell the recipient how special they are for the giver. Gift could be through your talent or knowledge or profession, by making someone feel the difference in their lives. What matters is not how expensive the gifts are but what emotion they carry with them.


Mrs.Ruchika Sharma

She is- Celebrity chef and entrepreneur. CEO, Chef Ruchika’s Culinary Institute, says that gifting can touch the heart of the loved ones directly.


Gifting needs no occasion, time and range are no limitations. Gifting is an emotion beyond material or tangible items given as gifts. Personalized gifts make the occasion more special and unique.



Mr.Kaali Sudheer

Art curator and Entrepreneur Founder, Muse Art Gallery.Sudheer expresses his views on gifting by saying that gifts not only bring happiness to the recipient but also a great sense satisfaction to the giver. Gifts especially become more valuable when it is given at the right time and right person and a right gift. Gifts come to life when it has the emotional touch to carry with it.